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Class Schedule
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Union's #1 Martial Arts Experience

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame - School of the Year

Winner of the 2011,2012,2013 &2014 National Commerce awards for best business in Union. As 4 time winners we have been inducted into the Business Hall of Fame

2015 ISKA World Champions!
World Champions

Proudly serving Martial Arts to Springfield, Elizabeth, Maplewood, Irvington, Roselle, Roselle Park, Westfield, Vauxhall, and surrounding areas in NJ.

What makes a good martial arts school? Is it the hard discipline of an instructor, or dozens and dozens of trophies lined up in the window? Is it the number of push ups a student can do? Lift Me No, its not. A good school is one that not only teaches its students to achieve more than they ever thought possible, regardless of age, but it is one that creates a community. The martial arts we teach here at Union UTA cannot be described by just talking about a "style" of martial arts. We are a school that truly believes in evolving and growing with the times and the needs of our students. We pride ourselves on teaching qualities of great leadership. We offer every single one of our students a life changing experience.

Flaming Hand Ice Break
As parents what greater gift can we give to our children than confidence? By offering them an exciting atmosphere with a class that is structured around a balance of fun and discipline we help our students work toward a life long "I CAN" attitude. We also know that as young men and women they can also have difficulty finding their identity or looking for a place to belong. We enjoy helping our students form bonds with one another and giving them a place to have a second home.

Chucks Our adults enjoy high energy, physical classes in a safety conscious environment. They get the practical and confident personal protection program, while getting the motivating physical fitness that will excite them to come back for more.

Our program is not about punching and kicking. Its not about fighting or learning to defend yourself. Its not about this style or that. Its about challenging yourself not to be average, but to train yourself to be extraordinary. Of course we teach martial arts! We teach a dozen styles and concepts that are proven to work. We teach you to use your body in ways you never thought possible and challenge your mind to grow and expand. But our goal and our promise to you is to teach you a whole lot more. We don't just create quality martial artist, we create quality people. And good leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders. Welcome to our family.
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